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YWF-KIDO Foundation is a non profit corporation (NGO) registered in Grenada, West Indies,

promoting conservation of the natural resources and sustainable development

They assist with local community based organizations (CBO) to promote conservation of the natural resources and sustainable development projects through::

* Providing wildlife monitoring, rescue, rehabilitation and release operations
* Facilitating environmental and wildlife protection and conservation programs
* Delivering social and environmental education programs for youth
* Assisting local community organizations in developing social and environmental projects
* Delivering computer literacy training and other outreach programs to youths and adults
* Promoting community-based eco-tourism initiatives through training and employment of local guides
* Facilitating field research programs and educational projects

Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network

The KIDO Foundation has joined the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST) to protect sea turtles. Only 1 in 1500 hatchlings make it to egg laying maturity and sea turtle population has plummeted 90% worldwide just in the last 10 years. The Hawksbill and giant Leatherback can be observed nesting at night from March to September and guests and volunteers can arrange to join nesting patrols as part of the WIDECAST effort. Patrols camp and walk the on the beaches at night to help measure and tag the turtles, mark and camouflage nest location, and of course watch the night skies.

We thank the Kido foundation for allowing us producing this exceptional video.

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See the alarming document "Reefs at Risk, 2011" (16mb; be patient during downloading)
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