Your holidays in Carriacou and Grenada (Caribbean)


Arriving in Carriacou (Grenada)

Carriacou is a down right beautiful island with breathtaking beaches of ~14 square miles in area. The landscape varies from mountain peaks and ridges to relatively flat coastal areas. The majestic mountainous ridges capped with a clear sky depicts its volcanic geologic origin. The two highest peaks are just under 1000 feet.

Available are numerous guest houses, hotels, restaurants, diving businesses, and agencies that provide tours and individual sightseeing. Many of the roads are currently being replaced with pavement that will make the island an even more desirable tourist attraction in years to come.

Traditions  in Carriacou (Grenada)

The culture, like the people themselves, is a mixture of cultures from all over the world. It is obviously colored by ancient African characteristics and European traits, but the progressive nature of the population also reflects increasing American characteristics

Traditional customs are cherished, as evidenced by the Carriacou Museum. Housed in a restored cotton gin mill, the Museum contains artifacts dating back to the Amerindians sourced from archeological sites, as well as relics from the time of British and French control.

Travel from Carriacou to Petite Martinique (Grenada)

A short ferry jaunt to Petite Martinique will change your perspective on time once more. It is here that your Spice Experience gets an even deeper glimpse of life where boat building and all things marine flourish eternal.

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